How it works

To place an order at Company follow the following steps. It’s easy, fast, and expedient!

  1. Fill in the Order Forms Accurately

To place your first order, navigate to the Place Order item via the main navigation menu and click the link to open the order form. Fill in all the empty fields on the order form and hit submit.

  1. Pay for your Order

After submitting your order form, you will be redirected to the payment page where you will be prompted to fill in your card details and check out your order.

  1. Processing your Order

After payment, your order is moved to our queue awaiting a professional writer to free up and place a bid on the paper. The next available writer will be assigned to write your paper.

  1. Approve your Written Paper

You will be notified via your personal email after your paper has been completed. You can then access it through your account dashboard and confirm if it meets all your specifications. If it does, approve and download. Otherwise, request a free revision.

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